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      1. LogoNutrition & Biosciences
        DuPont Biomaterials: Leading the Sustainable Transformation of the Global Economy
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        Bio-based materials are part of a revolution that will help us build a more sustainable and satisfying life. They are renewably sourced without compromising performance or value. The possible applications are limited only by our collective imagination, which has no end. What you see here is just the beginning. Welcome to a new age of progress with biomaterials from DuPont.

        DuPont Biomaterials is continuing our heritage of leadership in sustainable materials innovation as we bring world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace, focused on partnerships with forward-thinkers to promote the new bioeconomy.



        With the natural quality of Sorona?, clothing becomes effortlessly soft and endlessly flexible. Carpet becomes luxuriously inviting and inherently stain resistant. Whether you spin it, weave it, walk on it or wear it. It’s designed to inspire. It moves you past your limitations and it feels as honest and as comfortable as you do in your own skin.

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        Everything we do affects our environment. At DuPont Biomaterials, we’re dedicated to finding ways to enhance the quality of life through high-performance, competitively priced materials while progressively reducing the environmental impacts of industry.

        Our ultimate goal is to be an important part of the circular economy, one in which products are made to be made again, where the system is powered by renewable energy, where the process itself is responsible and restorative.

        This, to us, is progress. And eco-efficiency is a practical way to achieve the world we wish for.



        We have just begun to explore the possibilities. New billion dollar markets and applications will be created. The benefit for our environment is substantial. This is a growing space where forward-thinking companies will operate. It’s where the future is taking shape.


        Biomaterials News

        9 December 2019
        IFF to Merge with DuPont N&B
        IFF (NYSE: IFF) (Euronext Paris: IFF) (TASE: IFF) and DuPont (NYSE: DD) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement for the merger of IFF and DuPont’s Nutrition & Biosciences (N&B) business in a Reverse Morris Trust transaction. The deal values the combined company at $45.4 billion on an enterprise value basis, reflecting a value of $26.2 billion for the N&B business based on IFF’s share price as of December 13, 2019. Under the terms of the agreement, which has been unanimously approved by both Boards of Directors, DuPont shareholders will own 55.4% of the shares of the new company and existing IFF shareholders will own 44.6%. Upon completion of the transaction, DuPont will receive a one-time $7.3 billion special cash payment, subject to certain adjustments.
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        15 May 2019
        Taiwan Announces DuPont as a Winner of Inaugural National Green Chemistry Award
        The recognition honors DuPont? Sorona? bio-based fiber with numerous performance and sustainability benefits
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        15 March 2019
        Plant-based footwear from DuPont Tate & Lyle's Bio-PDO
        Bio-PDO - Susterra propanediol produced by DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products - are among the many smart applications of corn, and constitute the building blocks of a number of environmentally friendly materials, increasingly used in the footwear manufacture.
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        5 March 2019
        Mardi Gras floods New Orleans in plastic beads. One scientist has a gooey fix.
        “When people say, ‘I’m not just looking at performance and cost, I’m also looking at the environment,’ that really gives bioproducts the advantage." Click to read more from Michael Saltzberg, Ph.D., global business director of DuPont Biomaterials.
        Read more on GRIST Link-externalurl
        13 February 2019
        DuPont? Sorona? Combines Sustainability and Performance to Increase Knit Footwear Appeal
        With the cheeky “Grow a Pair” tagline, the [VIVOBAREFOOT] footwear brand promotes a range of Bio sneakers that uses materials derived from corn, algae and rubber trees. And DuPont is big part of its story.
        Read more on Sourcing Journal Link-externalurl
        13 February 2019
        Earthy Ideas: Forward-Thinking Fabrications
        Sorona has started exploring drawn textured yarn — typically used in polyester — as means for spandex replacement with mills developing DTY Sorona yarns for use in knits bringing nice stretch as well as a soft hand feel.
        Read more on Textile Insight Extra Link-externalurl
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