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      1. LogoNutrition & Biosciences
        Food and Beverage

        DuPont's advanced enzyme technology brings value to the food and beverage industries, while improving nutrition and reducing food waste globally.

        Reducing food waste with anti-staling enzymes

        The choices we make today, big and small, will impact our world tomorrow. Discover the DuPont? Danisco? range of enzymes that provide longer-lasting freshness for all types of baked goods.

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        Carbohydrate Processing Enzymes

        By shortening production cycles and reducing operating costs, DuPont enzyme solutions help create more value from renewable raw materials for our customers in the starch processing industry.

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        Carbohydrate Processing Enzymes

        Brew Uniquely

        Get creative with brewing enzyme solutions from DuPont

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        Transforming Communities One Glass at a Time

        A pint of East Africa’s Eagle Lager Beer looks like most other lagers. But this beer is designed to do more than just quench thirst: by using locally-sourced sorghum, it seeks to transform society for the better - one glass at a time.

        Upcoming Events

        Calendar 25-27 May 2020
        Place Maputo, Mozambique
        Tag Brewing enzymes Conference Thought Leadership Food and beverages
        Africa Brewing Conference 2020
        For the second year in a row, DuPont will be sponsoring the VLB Africa Brewing Conference, which will be taking place in Maputo, Mozambique. After the very successful inaugural event in Ethiopia of 2019, our Africa brewing enzymes experts are looking forward to (re)connecting with brewing professionals from around the region.
        Read more on the event’s site Link-externalurl
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        Delivering better nutrition to the populations that need it most

        Food Enzymes industry leader Allyson Fish shares her passion for bringing healthy nutrition solutions to global populations in both developed and developing markets.


        Don’t worry, be hoppy
        Prevent dry hop creep and brew uniquely with DuPont ALPHALASE? Advance 4000
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        news | 9 December 2019
        IFF to Merge with DuPont N&B
        IFF (NYSE: IFF) (Euronext Paris: IFF) (TASE: IFF) and DuPont (NYSE: DD) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement...
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        VLB Berlin and DuPont Host Inaugural Africa Brewing Conference in Ethiopia
        news | 21 May 2019
        VLB Berlin and DuPont Host Inaugural Africa Brewing Conference in Ethiopia
        Conference will focus on sharing knowledge and strengthening relationships in the brewing industry in Africa
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