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        Personal Care
        Natural active ingredients inspired by nature


        From Nature to Nurture?

        Consumers today are more interested in the origin and natural credentials of their beauty products – but these products must also be effective, and do what they claim on the package. DuPont has answered the call with GENENCARE?: a range of natural active ingredients—such as osmolytes—developed to improve performance and enhance the consumer's experience over a range of skin, hair, and color cosmetic applications.

        Discover the GENENCARE? OSMS product range:

        Betaine anhydrous
        Betaine micronized powder
        Osmolyte and Amino Acid Complex

        Infographics: Consumer Trends

        See how our consumer research is helping beauty brands deliver on the latest trends in personal care applications.


         Anti-Pollution Beauty

        Anti-Pollution Beauty

        As the link between pollution and its effect on skin becomes more clear, beauty brands are examining how their products extend to the anti-pollution trend.

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         Holistically Healthy, Actively Beautiful

        Holistically Healthy, Actively Beautiful

        Increasingly considered a prerequisite for good-looking, healthy bodies, holistic wellness means having a 360° approach to your beauty care. 

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         It Begins From Within

        It Begins From Within

        The desire for natural ingredients in hair care products is increasing around the world - however, with different hair types come different needs. See how the trend is developing in these regions:

        N. America & EuropeLatin AmericaAsia

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        WHITEPAPER: Unlock the Power of Nature with GENENCARE? OSMS

        When skin is stressed by external aggressions (UV radiation, heat or cold environments), the water balance of skin cells is disturbed. Osmolytes have evolved in nature to manage skin water balance, reduce water stress and protect the living organism.

        This article describes how osmolytes such as betaine and inositol contribute to skin protection, not only by protecting cells from dehydration, but also by preventing skin proteins from denaturation. Various in-vitro as well as in-vivo studies are presented, demonstrating the importance of osmolytes in personal care applications.

        Download Whitepaper Link-externalurl
        WHITEPAPER: Unlock the Power of Nature with GENENCARE? OSMS

        News & Insights

        news | 9 December 2019
        IFF to Merge with DuPont N&B
        IFF (NYSE: IFF) (Euronext Paris: IFF) (TASE: IFF) and DuPont (NYSE: DD) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement...
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        Discovering the invigorating osmolyte
        Next to GENENCARE? OSMS BA (Betaine), DuPont Industrial Biosciences has now added GENENCARE? OSMS MI (INCI name: Inositol also known as myo-inositol) to the family of all-natural osmolytes. Like betaine, myo-Inositol, is highly purified and suitable for many skin care applications. It is extracted from non-GM...
        Read more here Link-externalurl
        Tag Thought Leadership Personal Care
        news | 24 January 2019
        DuPont Breaks Ground on New European Headquarters for Industrial Biosciences in the Netherlands
        DuPont Industrial Biosciences to Expand Research Capabilities in Leiden at New Facility Equipped with Cutting-Edge Biotechnology Laboratories
        Read more Arrowright
        Tag Textile processing Personal Care Food and beverages Fabric and home care Biomaterials Bioenergy Animal Nutrition Our Science Our People In the Lab + in the World IB in the News Leiden Europe EMEA
        <img class="lazyloading responsive" style="opacity: 0.6;" alt="GENENCARE® OSMS MI the invigorating osmolyte" width="460" height="258" src="typo3conf/ext/tc_sys/Resources/Private/Images/lazyloading-16-9.png" title="" data-src="typo3temp/GB/csm_GENENCARE_cd944cf159_933b53e7bb.jpg" />
        GENENCARE? OSMS MI the invigorating osmolyte
        Holistic wellness means having a 360° approach to your beauty care. Regular exercise, combined with healthy sleeping and eating patterns are...
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        Tag Thought Leadership Industry Insight Our People IB in the News In the Lab + in the World Personal Care
        news | 28 February 2018
        DuPont Announces GENENCARE? OSMS PRO, Natural Osmolyte Complex for Pollution Protection
        Personal Care Breakthrough to Launch at InCosmetics Global April 17-19, 2018
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        Tag Product Launch Our Science Tradeshow Personal Care GENENCARE osmolytes
        How to Make a Facial Mask
        Produced by customer Yujiahui Co., Ltd.., this documentary video highlights GENENCARE? OSMS BA, a moisturizing ingredient used in their...
        Tag Our Science Personal Care GENENCARE skincare osmolytes
        news | 13 June 2017
        DuPont’s William Feehery to Keynote ACS Conference on Green Chemistry & Engineering
        Dr. Feehery will address other business leaders, policy makers, educators, students and professionals from the scientific and academic...
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        Tag Conference Industry Insight Personal Care Fabric and home care Food and beverages Biomaterials Bioenergy Animal Nutrition Chemistry Feehery bioeconomy sustainability
        news | 22 February 2017
        DuPont Industrial Biosciences Introduces GENENCARE? OSMS MI, a Vital Ingredient to Protect and Energize the...
        DuPont will be demonstrating its latest innovation at in-cosmetics Global 2017 in London from April 4 to April 6, 2017
        Read more Arrowright
        Tag Product Launch Personal Care Genencare cosmetics osmolyte
        news | 15 December 2016
        DuPont Industrial Biosciences to Begin New Research Aimed to Enable Global Access for...
        Gates Foundation Grant to address market need for high volume, affordable and rapid cycle time pharmaceutical proteins.
        Read more Arrowright
        Tag Our People Our Science Collaboration Personal Care Research grant antibodies biologi Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation protein engineering protein drugs

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        Contact us to learn more about how GENENCARE? can bring powerful new benefits to your personal care formulations. You can also find more product information and formulations on UL Prospector


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